Monday, April 7, 2008

Better day

Sunday was a much better day for J. Great attitude, fun to be around and she finished her letters! Whoo hoo!!!!

We finished up our cooking while J was finishing her letters then we did a little shopping. Actually more like window shopping..... Then we went to the hospital to visit my dear friend Katherine English. She turned 92 this weekend! I hated that she had to spend her birthday in the hospital (she took a little tumble a couple of weeks ago) but she is much improved and hopefully will be home today or tomorrow. Katherine is always great for a laugh and her quick wit cracks me up. She is sharp as a tack!

Katherine, too, is adopted and has been wanting to meet J so I finally got the two of them together. Katherine's adoption story is nothing short of a miracle. I have known that she was adopted for many years but during her stay in the hospital her daughter, Nancy, shared the whole story with me. Katherine's mother came to Adairsville for a funeral. She was not married and pregnant at the time and gave birth in the cemetery. She put Katherine in the grave with a cloth over her face and left town. Some little boys were playing near the cemetery and heard her cries. Some men overheard the boys talking about the noises coming from the cemetery and went to investigate. They found Katherine and rescued her. They estimated she was in the grave for around 11 hours! Katherine was sent to a Methodist children's home and was adopted by a couple in Jacksonville, FL shortly after. Isn't that an amazing story?!? I am so glad that my friend lived to tell the story. My life and others has been so much richer for knowing her.

J did really well during the visit and there wasn't any inappropriate hugging or talking to strangers!

A great day was had by all!

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