Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ohhh.....I spoke too soon.....

Well....all that big talk about 12 days and no rages came to an abrupt end. Actually J did very well in school today but afterwards she had 2 tantrums with Ms. Chrissi (au pair). She was rude to Chrissi, disrespectful and uncooperative during homework. The good news it wasn't a bring down the house meltdown. This is still huge!!! Once it was over she promptly apologized and volunteered to make Chrissi's bed for two (not one) weeks to make it up to her. She's a great bedmaker and Chrissi hates that American beds are so difficult to make (evidently it's less complicated in Germany) so they both win. :-)

G is still in a snit about last night but like Tudu said he may need to squirm for a bit (I'm paraphrasing). He called and I did tell him about the meltdowns. His response, "poor little J, she's under soooo much stress....I feel so sorry for her." Double Grrr!

Lucky me....I got a fabulous foot rub tonight and I didn't have to pay for it. Well sort of....Mom was inconvenienced so my payback was a rocking foot rub. I'm such a lucky mom!!!

P.S. Thanks Michele for the crunchy panty tip!!!


marythemom said...

Ok, I don't think I want to know what a crunchy panty tip entails, but I do want to say I think you're a great Mom and I admire you!

J is adorable. Hard to believe our little guys can be so cute on the outside and so damaged underneath.

I can't imagine doing what you're doing as well as you have!

Keep squeaking!

Tudu said...

I am more adventurous than Mary, what the heck is the crunchy panty tip?