Tuesday, April 29, 2008

J's Affirmations

Coming up with a list of positive affirmations for J. Funny how it's so similiar to mine....
1. I am good enough
2. I deserve to be loved
3. My past does not define me
4. I am smart
5. God made me perfect just the way I am
6. I am beautiful
7. I can make good choices
8. Love is stronger than fear
9. I deserve to be treated with respect
10. I am sweet
11. I am kind
12. I am loving
13. I am fun to be around
14. I deserve to have a family
15. I deserve to have a mom that loves me
16. My body is beautiful
17. I will have enough to eat
18. I deserve to have a happy life
19. I deserve to have joy
20. I deserve to have fun
21. I don't have to do everything perfectly
22. I can make mistakes
23. Mom loves me no matter what I do
24. Mom loves me no matter where I am
25. I deserve affection
26. I deserve kisses & hugs
27. I deserve to be touched respectfully

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