Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Excitement & Trepidation

Yesterday J did not have to write an apology letter. School actually seems to have gone very well. Whoo hoo and happy day!!!! The "official water girl" set out with her wagon to water all the flowers and was so proud when the wilted ones bounced back quickly. She was very proud of herself. She practiced jumping rope and is getting quite good. She even held her frustration in check and instead of throwing the rope down and screaming, "it's too hard!", she kept trying and didn't give up! (Jumping up and down and bouncing on the trampoline is really great for the brain of children especially a radish.) Big stuff for my little one!

I am so excited because this time tomorrow I will be on my way to my annual trip to Seabrook Island for Serenity weekend with an amazing bunch of women & men (excuse me...."princesses & princes"). Tomorrow evening I will be surrounded by princesses & princes and lots of love and support. I, too, will be a princess.... :-) On the down side I am worried how J is going to handle it. Last year when I went she couldn't care less what happened to me. In all actuality she probably wished that I wouldn't come back. This year since attachment is happening I am worried. On the one hand I am so happy that she will miss me and on the other hand I am hoping she doesn't torture Chrissi and Jessi too much. We have AT this afternoon and I'm going to see if the AT thinks I should tell her today or wait until I leave. I'm going to give Jessi and Chrissi tools to help her (hitting her yucky pillow, identifying that she is mad at me, etc) but I'm still going to worry.

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Awesome daughter
2. 24 hours to Serenity
3. 6 hours in the car with no obligations
4. Boat hunting
5. Chrissi

J's Gratitude:
1. Learning about nouns & verbs in Language Arts (When did they start doing this in 1st grade???)
2. Being the official water girl
3. Jumping rope
4. Table tennis with Mom
5. Hearing the birds singing

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