Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Therapy was a home run sandwich. Thank God! (I hope) Turns out J is still living in fear that I wouldn't come back to her. Well....duh! I would believe that too if I had 28 moms. Going to have practice with leaving and coming back so that she knows I will never desert her. She didn't have time to do the gratitude list tonight since she had to finish writing her letters to Mrs. Kacak, the doors and walls. Yep....she had to read her apology letter to the doors and wall....

She went to bed late tonight because we made the time to do the positive affirmations CD in her voice. She practiced reading them several times before we recorded it and by the time we went "live" she sounded like she actually believed what she was reading. She is listening to it (all night) now. She was very proud of it and enjoyed making the recording. Tomorrow we're going to have to record a new one that includes "my mom will never desert me."

Now it's my turn to make a CD. My goal is to make sure it's done this week. I can be such a procrastinator.....

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. Therapy
2. An awesome daughter
3. Pedicure & foot massage
4. Hot shower that hurts so good
5. Blooming rhododendrons

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