Monday, April 7, 2008

Jordan's Gratitude List

1. Homemade spaghetti for dinner
2. Jumping on the trampoline
3. 20 good choices today whoo hoo!!!
4. Riding her bike
5. Playing Trouble
6. Mom reading her a bedtime story from the Princess book.

Every night when we sit down to dinner J tells me what she's grateful for and I write it down for her. I keep these lists in a composition book and they also have all of her good choices on the front and her gratitude list on the back. Hopefully she'll enjoy looking through them someday. This has been so good for her to see the good things in her life. Radishes always think people are out to get them, they're bad or don't deserve good things and hardly ever look to see how much is wonderful in their life. Reinforcing it on the list every day is really helping her to believe, to hope and to be grateful for the little things. I think we all need's so easy to take so many things for granted.

J had a wonderful day today! Only 3 yucky choices!!!! She has really tried hard all day and has been responsible, respectful and a joy to be around. I was really worried this morning when there was a slight change of school hours that it would throw her off but she regrouped beautifully. I am so happy for my daughter!!!!!

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