Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wishing I had a camera

Yesterday, April 12, 2008, my little sweetie was just itching to go swimming. Now keep in mind that Lake Burton is 70 degrees in August. I don't even want to know what it is now. G & I looked at each other when she had asked about 3 times too many. We both shrugged our shoulders and said "sure". Never thinking she'd really do it. Well she did....the look on her face was priceless and I would've paid good money to have had a camera handy. She stayed in for about 10 minutes then she was ready to get out. I shooed her into the hot tub to warm up, dinner then the bathtub (because she was still shivering) to get warmed up some more. Sometimes you just have to learn natural consequences. I am wondering how long it will take her to ask again. I am hoping she'll wait until at least the leaves start appearing on the trees. (There are no leaves on the trees on Lake Burton yet.)

After dinner we went on a quick sunset cruise on the boat (1st one of the season) and I could tell J was starting to panic. I had G stop the boat and she said she was very scared. We did some tapping to help get her through it but it turns out that my jet ski wreck last summer is still leftover in her mind. She asked if we could please go home and once we were on dry ground she was fine. I was very proud of her to speak up about her emotions and let me help her with them.

A good weekend was had by all....even G behaved himself. :-)

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