Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Serenity Weekend

Last post until April 28th as I am leaving early in the morning for Serenity at Seabrook Island. J had a great day today. This morning I had her blow up her yucky balloon and push it out the door. Then I had her draw a picture with black & brown crayons (these are the colors of her yuckies) to get the rest of the yuckies completely out. She tore it into little bits and threw it away.

She had a great day at school!!!! Jessi came to therapy with us and the AT gave us some more tapping tools. She worked really hard in therapy today. Whoo hoo!!! Dreading telling her I'm leaving in the morning but I've given Jessi & Chrissi some tools to use to help her identify that she is mad at me and talking her through the emotions instead of acting out. We'll see what happens....

Lisa's Gratitude:
1. The woodpecker outside my office
2. Boat on the way
3. Quality time with J
4. Awesome daughter
5. Tudu

J's Gratitude:
1. Mom reading a bedtime story from the princess book
2. Getting my yuckies out
3. Learning about ank and ink in phonics
4. 14 good choices
5. Playing Trouble with Mom & Ms. Chrissi

See ya Monday!


Lauri said...

Have fun & take some time for you

Tudu said...

AHH, thanks. Now go have fun!