Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tickle Monster...

1. J had such a great day yesterday!
2. The 3 blooming cherry trees in front of the church. They are spectacular!
3. My dogwoods are just about to pop into bloom.
4. My friend Priscilla....she knows why...
5. Days warm enough to show my toes in sandals

I am still basking in the glow of J's great day. This morning seems to be off to a great start as well. She had some very comical statements yesterday. Yesterday morning as I was leaving for work she asked me where I was going. Nonsense question usually equates a nonsense answer in our household. I said, "to the moon", very seriously. Her reply, "really?" Of course really. She said, "but my yuckies are all up there." (One of her coping skills is to blow up her imaginary black balloon with all her yuckies, tie them up and send them to the moon.) I said, "I'll be sure to tell them you said hi." She got a really funny look on her face and said, "is this a joke?" Starting to learn humor is a big step!!!! Last night she started asking me to tickle her (she loves to be tickled) and I said no. She started coming up with all the reasons why I should. Then she cocked her head and said, "I'm think I'm pushing it." I guess you would've had to be there but it was really funny. To which I agreed and picked her up, carried her to bed and the tickle monster arrived before the "tucking in" ceremony. To the point she had to cry "uncle."

Sweet dreams compliments of the tickle monster! :-)

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marythemom said...

We have some funny things with tickling. One, you get tickled or a raspberry on your tummy if you're not wearing a shirt (boys) or I can see your belly - to remind them to be modest.
Sometimes when I'm really mad at a child, but can't take a time out I tell them I'm going to "beat them," and then chase them around the house tickling them whenever I catch them. Sometimes we just do that for the fun of it. They'll come up and teasingly make a naughty comment so I will chase them - it's their way of asking for some one on one time and affection. Heather usually says, "You don't love me" with a big grin on her face. I hate that so I'm trying to break her of it.

Our biggest rule is Stop means Stop. Right now! Doesn't matter if it's an adult or child. We enforce that rule.

This is a horrible comment! I didn't say anthing about your blog! Shame on me!
"If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room!"