Saturday, April 5, 2008


Meds definately not working as well. J had a hard day yesterday. God bless Jessi (teacher)....hoping and praying she doesn't quit. Back to beating on the door and walls, trying to break the door knob. *heavy sigh*

Robin gave her a cute little hair cut (me too). Can't wait to see it after the braids come down. She was having a hard time accepting unconditional positive affirmations yesterday. Some days you just can't tell J she is cute, pretty, smart, etc. She just can't handle it because she doesn't feel pretty on the inside and her self-esteem is soooo low an unconditional positive affirmation will assure us a bring down the house meltdown. On the other hand, you can give her conditional positives and tell her she did a good job or she has a cute outfit on or that she made a good decision and she will do great and accept the compliment with no problems.

We tried to have our Friday night mother-daughter date but it didn't work out so well. She carried on in-depth conversations with strangers. Which is a trait of RAD so it is a certain no-no at our house. Which means we had to come home.

My dear friend, Mike, called to share with me that his daughter had made some great progress at RTC and I am sooooo happy for him. I went to bed with a much lighter heart just hearing the good news. Whoo hoo for Mike, Heather & Myranda!!! Thanks for calling to share with me too. I really needed to hear it!!!

This morning little Miss Stubborn is residing at my house. She is having to write some spelling words and an apology letter to Jessi that also includes 5 positive things about Jessi. She has really good penmanship and writes a letter that a 3rd grader would be envious of even though she is just in 1st grade. When she is not in a snit this would take her about 10-15 minutes. So far it has been 3 1/2 hours. Wondering how long this is going to last. I've tried different things to try to get her in a better place and she isn't having it. *heavy sigh again*

On a good note....there's a whole lot of cookin going on at my house! Hoping J decides to join us in a bit. She loves to cook.....

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