Friday, April 4, 2008


Just wanted to give myself a little pep talk...

J no longer runs to splat me with projectile vomit.

She no longer eats like an animal and actually has better table manners than most adults.

No longer does she rip, tear and write on her clothes.

She will now eat anything I cook or put in front of her. She loves sushi (I cannot believe this one!), turnip greens, brussel sprouts, you name it...). This is really wonderful because I am not a short-order cook and can get really grumpy fast when I am expected to be one.

We can go shopping in peace without a public display meltdown.

I can hug her or she'll sit in my lap and accept affection without a meltdown.

Meltdowns usually last less than 30 minutes instead of days.

She hasn't tried to hurt Puddin in 3 weeks.

I haven't been spit on, pinched or hit in almost 2 months!

She hasn't tried to tear the door frames off the door or hit the walls in almost a month!

Her head hasn't spun around (Exorcist style) in almost 3 weeks!

Someone posted this on a radish site I frequent and it was a great statement:
I look at it like this....... when we tell other parents about RAD, and they look at us and say "oh all kids do that, its just what kids do." We want to scream, no you don't understand its all that normal stuff TIMES 1000!!!

I can soooo relate to that statement.

Lots of progress.....I am beaming because I am so proud of her!

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